Chapter 25. Communicating with Blogger

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Learn the basics of blogging

  • Using Blogspot to read other people’s blogs

  • Create your own blog

  • Configure, format, and publish your blog

  • Blog with your cell phone


Blogger is Google’s blog site. For an introduction and background to blogs, see Chapter 24. Briefly, blogs are Weblogs, or information posted to the Web on a regular basis, like a journal or an online public diary. To make creating and publishing your blog simple, several companies have created powerful software to create and manage your blog. Google’s Blogger Web site at shown in Figure 25.1 does just that and more.

The Blogger Web site does not look like other Google sites.

Figure 25.1. The Blogger Web site does not look like other Google sites.

One of the reasons the Blogger Web site does not look like the Google sites you are used to seeing is that Google purchased Blogger in February 2003. It was already a very popular Web site, becoming extremely popular after the attacks on the World Trade Center towers in 2001. There was no need to change the look and feel of an already popular site.

Understanding Basic Blogging

Reading the blogs that people write is easy and entertaining. Visit the Blogger main page, and you see several ways to find blogs that you may like to read in the section of the page labeled Explore blogs. Notice the rapidly scrolling list of updated blogs. This information ...

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