Chapter 10. Modifying Objects

Once you have simple shapes in the scene, SketchUp includes multiple tools for modifying those shapes and curves. Some of these tools can extrude the shape and others can divide and intersect the curves to create new shapes. Learning to use these tools enables you to create unique models.

Using the Push/Pull Tool

The Push/Pull tool is used to extrude the selected face. Extruding is the process of moving the shape in a perpendicular direction, adding faces at each side. The result is to make a 2-D shape into a 3-D volume. The Push/Pull tool is selected from the Tools

Using the Push/Pull Tool

Creating 3-D objects

The Push/Pull tool can only be used on face entities. Extruding a rectangular face creates a box object and extruding a circle creates a cylinder object. To use the Push/Pull tool, simply select a face and drag it upward with the tool to add depth to the face, as shown for the hexagon in Figure 10.1.

Dragging on a face with the Push/Pull tool increases the height that the face is extruded. If you release the mouse button and then click and drag on the same face again, you can continue to increase or decrease the extrusion height. If you stop dragging with the Push/Pull tool and then double-click on the face, the extrusion height is repeated again. For example, if you drag ...

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