Chapter 25. More E-Commerce Reports

There are so many elements that go into e-commerce. Not only do you need to watch the number of transactions that are completed on your site, but you also need to keep track of how those transactions take place, and also what’s included in the transactions. Using these metrics, you can monitor thoroughly the effectiveness of your web site — everything from content to placement to product selection. You can also use these metrics to make educated guesses about products (or content, or services) that might be effective for your site in the future.

All the reports in this section seem minor when taken by themselves. When you combine these reports with additional information, however, you begin to put together a clear picture of how your site is performing and how that performance leads to conversions, transactions, and revenue. Then, if you need to follow up, having a complete list of transactions makes auditing easier and provides additional information on the transactions


The first report in this section is the Transactions report. This report is exactly what it says, a transaction list. As shown in Figure 25-1, the report lists all of the transactions for your site within a given time frame.

The Transactions report shows each transaction in a given time frame.

Figure 25-1. The Transactions report shows each transaction in a given time frame.

This information is most commonly used for auditing purposes, to ...

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