7.7. Finding the Policy Settings You Need and Cracking the ADM/ADMX Files

I get about ten emails a day that ask me, "Hey Jeremy, how do you X with Group Policy?" (where X is some policy or trick I've never personally tried to do before).

My standard answer is, "I don't know" because I simply don't have all 1,800 Windows XP and certainly not all 2,400 Windows Vista policy settings memorized. So, I immediately follow up my "I don't know" with "But we can find out!"

7.7.1. Use the GPMC 2.0's New Filter

We learned about this in Chapter 3. That is, the GPMC 2.0 has a new filtering mechanism inside the editor that can search for all sorts of details, including policy settings that match your specified keywords in the title, Explain text, or a comment ...

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