Computer Network Operations (CNO)

Andrew Blyth, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, United Kingdom


Network Defense and Network Attack

A Model of Computer Network Attack

Target Identification

Motivational Factors

Choice Criteria

Target Selection and Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence

Deploying/Exploiting a Vulnerability

Technologies for Computer Network Defense



Deception Taxonomy

Strategies and Policies for Computer Network Operations

Implementing Computer Network Operations


Cross References



Computer network operations (CNO) is primarily about the management of computer and networks within a corporate environment so as to allow the organization to maintain/achieve a competitive advantage. Within a commercial organization CNO is used to refer to the ability to access information hosted on information systems in a timely manner so as facilitate the functioning of the organization.

When this definition is applied to information security and information assurance we can interpret CNO as follows:

Computer network operations are about identifying cyber-based attacks targeted against your information technology infrastructure. This is achieved through a process of data integration and data function of security related information from multiple disparate heterogeneous systems.

To understand information security and how it relates to electronic commerce we need to have a precise set of definitions as to what we mean ...

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