Online Contracts

G. E. Evans, Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, UK


Maintaining the Security of Electronic Transactions

Problems Concerning the Authenticity and Integrity of Electronic Documents

Party Authentication and Message Integrity

The Legal Framework for Electronic Contracting

United Nations Model Law on Electronic Commerce

U.S. Laws Covering Electronic Transactions

Formation and Validation of Electronic Contracts

When Is an Electronic Record Sent or Received? 395

Automated Transactions

Notice and Consent Requirements

E-SIGN's Consumer Consent Provisions

Signature Requirements

Definition of Electronic Signature

Methods of “Signing” an Electronic Record

“Digital Signatures” Created by Public Key Cryptography

Record Accessibility Requirements

Record Retention Requirements

Enforceability of Online Contracts

Characterizing Shrink-, Click-, and Browsewrap Agreements

Manifesting Assent to Clickwrap and Browsewrap Agreements

Notice of Unusual or Onerous Terms

Contracts Voidable for Unconscionability

Contractual Restrictions on the Use of Software

Copyright Preemption, Fair Use, and Reverse Engineering

Sale of Goods Law and Digital Information Transactions

Is a Computer Information Product a “Good” or a “License”?

Warranties as to Fitness and Merchantability

Warranties for Informational Products under UCITA

Consumer Protection Online

Caveat Emptor

Choice of Law

Best Practice for Online Contracts



Cross References



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