active magnetic levitation, 376
active MEMS device, 493
active wireless IOP sensors, 439
actuation electrodes, 245
actuation voltage, 14–15
age-related macular degeneration, 442–3
AM0 standard spectrum, 387
amplitude-shift keying (ASK), 435
AMPS standard, 209–10
angular frequency, 384–5
anisotropic wet etching, 244
antenna switches, 213–14
conventional antenna switch in a cell phone, 214
applications, 177–8
design considerations, 197–201
biasing network, 198–9
design flow and simulation, 197–8
feflect-array cell, 200
gain analysis for a reconfigurable aperture with lossy switches, 199
insertion losses, packaging and reliability effects, 199–201
future trends, 201–2
circular Yagi-Uda antenna, 202
reconfigurable antennas, ...

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