Chapter 2. Overview of Hyperledger Projects and Tools

The previous chapter introduced you to the concept of blockchain, its main platforms, and terminology. We started with a discussion on the origin of blockchain, and then discussed several of its general components (including shared ledger, cryptography, consensus, and smart contract components), followed by its architecture and supporting technology. This chapter covers the Hyperledger projects and tools, and Chapter 3 covers the Hyperledger Fabric architecture and components. Collectively, Chapters 1 through 3 will provide you with the necessary knowledge for Part III, which delves into smart contract development with Hyperledger Fabric.

This chapter mainly targets those who are relatively new to Hyperledger. The primary goal is to explore projects and tools that are developed under Hyperledger and to equip you with the necessary knowledge and important technical designs of the Hyperledger ecosystem so we can then apply these technologies through real-world use cases. The materials included in this chapter will help you understand Hyperledger as a whole, and you can use this high-level overview as a guideline for making the best of each Hyperledger project.

As a reminder, to design and deploy Hyperledger Fabric blockchain applications, you need not thoroughly understand all tools and projects discussed here. Just use this chapter as your reference for better navigating through the Hyperledger projects. Except for Hyperledger ...

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