5.4 DTC of Induction Motor with Consideration of Iron Loss

5.4.1 Induction Machine Model with Iron Loss Consideration

All the equations for this dynamic model are shown in an arbitrary, rotating common-reference frame. The equivalent iron loss resistance is placed in parallel to the magnetizing branch, as shown in Figure 5.39. The space vector equations for the new machine model in an arbitrary reference frame follow from Figure 5.39 in the form [15, 16]:

(5.21) equation

(5.22) equation

(5.23) equation

(5.24) equation

(5.25) equation

Figure 5.39 Equivalent circuit of an induction machine with iron loss consideration in space vector form in an arbitrary rotating reference frame


The equivalent iron loss resistance is considered as a function of fundamental frequency only in the machine model above, where img. In reality, equivalent iron ...

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