4   SiGe HBT Technology and Circuits for THz Applications

Jae-Sung Rieh


4.1   Introduction

4.2   SiGe HBTs: Device Aspects

4.2.1   DC Characteristics

4.2.2   RF Characteristics

4.2.3   Noise Characteristics

4.2.4   Fabrication Process

4.3   SiGe HBTs: Circuit Applications

4.3.1   Amplifiers

4.3.2   Oscillators

4.3.3   Mixers

4.3.4   Frequency Dividers and Multipliers

4.3.5   Integrated Transmitters and Receivers

4.4   Conclusion



The SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) is basically a Si-based bipolar junction (BJT) transistor with a small amount of Ge added to the base region. The SiGe base region turned out to be a significant performance improver, making SiGe HBTs now accepted as a standard bipolar ...

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