8   25 G/40 G SerDes: Need, Architecture, and Implementation

Rohit Mittal


8.1   25 and 40 G SerDes: Needs and Trends

8.2   Meeting the Needs via 25 G/40 G Standards

8.3   Mixed-Signal SerDes Implementation for 25 G/40 G

8.4   Global

8.4.1   LCPLL

8.5   Transmitter (Tx)

8.6   Receiver (Rx)

8.6.1   Receiver Equalizers

8.6.2   Receiver Samplers

8.7   Putting It All Together

8.8   Conclusion



A SerDes or serializer/deserializer is an integrated circuit (IC or chip) transceiver that converts parallel data to serial data and vice versa. The transmitter section is a serial-to-parallel converter, and the receiver section is a parallel-to-serial converter. Multiple SerDes interfaces are often housed in a single package. ...

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