2.5. Channel Capacity

Channel capacities for a twisted pair cable or in-house wiring can be calculated against background noise and NEXT. The background noise for the twisted pair cable and in-house wiring environment is about –140 dBm/Hz. The received signal power depends on the transmit signal power and the insertion loss of a twisted pair cable or in-house wiring. The transmit signal power is limited by the radiation from the nearby electromagnetic field strength. Between 1.705 and 30 MHz, the field strength is 29.5 dBµV/m at a distance of 30 m. Assuming an RFI loss value of 40 dB, the allowed power within a 9-kHz bandwidth over a twisted pair cable or in-house wiring is calculated as

Equation 2.57

The PSD within a 9-kHz bandwidth is therefore ...

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