DOPs Tips

Houdini’s Dynamics Operators, or DOPs, are a powerful way to set up complex simulations with a remarkably small number of operators. Houdini 9 also adds capabilities for doing fluids and gases, to the original rigid body dynamics (RBD), cloth and wire simulations. Here we’ll look at ways to get more out of these fantastic, fun tools.

Secrets of the RBD Object

The basic building block, if you will, of DOPs is the RBD Object node, which (as you might guess) sets up an RBD Object for simulation. But this node, which like many DOPs is really a Houdini Digital Asset (HDA), can do a lot of work in one small package.

For example, you can set up more than one RBD Object at the same time in a single operator. There are two ways to ...

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