How to Create Your Final Collection

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Designing a final thesis collection is a fashion student’s first chance to approach the reality of the industry. This handbook provides a step-by-step guide to creating this collection, with each chapter exploring a different stage of the project: from understanding the brief and identifying the market to research, development, and sampling, through to garment design, range planning, and styling and presentation.

Richly illustrated with 350 color photographs, the book builds on the skills learnt by students during their degree course and throughout the creation of their capsule collection. The accompanying case studies, featuring inspirational work by fashion students from 18 top fashion schools around the world, illustrate every stage of the process and showcase new talent.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. How to Use this Book
    2. Your Final Collection
  6. Chapter 1. The Different Markets for Womenswear
    1. Five Fashion Markets
    2. Niche Markets
  7. Chapter 2. Fashion in Time
    1. Fashion Seasons
    2. The Design-to-Retail Cycle
    3. Trends in Fashion
    4. Trend Forecasting
    5. Finalizing Your Personal Brief
  8. Chapter 3. Creative Research
    1. Finding Inspiration
    2. Your Sketchbook
    3. Potential Sources of Inspiration and Influence
    4. Finding Material
    5. Manipulating Material
    6. Choosing Your Influences and Assembling Your Theme Board
  9. Chapter 4. Development and Sampling
    1. Your Strategy for Development and Sampling
    2. Elements of Garment Design and Construction Techniques
    3. Development Techniques
    4. Creative Practices
    5. Explaining How Your Collection Will Work: Concept and Mood Boards
  10. Chapter 5. Garment Design and Line Planning
    1. Good Fashion Design
    2. Garments: The Building Blocks of a Fashion Collection
    3. Line Planning in the Industry
    4. Line Planning Your Final Collection
    5. Garment Design
    6. Cut, Make, and Trim (CMT)
  11. Chapter 6. Styling and Presentation
    1. Presentation of Fashion
    2. Presentation of the Final Collection
    3. Fashion Styling
    4. Styling Your Final Collection
    5. Presentation for Submission
    6. Making The Most of the End-of-Year Show
    7. Exercises in Professional Styling
  12. Chapter 7. Diffusing Your Final Collection
    1. Why do Commercial Designers have Secondary Lines?
    2. Extending Your Final Collection
    3. Practical Advice
  13. Case Studies
    1. Glossary
    2. Further Reading
    3. Index
    4. Picture Credits
    5. About the Participating Schools
    6. Acknowledgments

Product information

  • Title: How to Create Your Final Collection
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2012
  • Publisher(s): Laurence King
  • ISBN: 9781856698429