Chapter ONE. An Introduction to Your Hardware

Chapter Syllabus

  • 1.1 Key Server Technologies

  • 1.2 Processor Architecture

  • 1.3 Virtual Memory

  • 1.4 The IO Subsystem

  • 1.5 The Big Picture

  • 1.6 Before We Begin…

The job of an advanced HP-UX administrator is not an easy one. New products are always being launched that claim to be the panacea to all our day-to-day problems of managing large, complex HP-UX installations. Part of our job is being able to analyze these products and come to a conclusion whether all the hype is truly justified. Sometime ago, I was involved in a Job-Task-Analysis workshop whereby we attempted to uncover the tasks that an advanced HP-UX administrator performed in order to manage HP-UX-based systems. The immediate problem was to keep the discussions ...

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