Chapter SEVEN. Disks and Volumes: Veritas Volume Manager

Chapter Syllabus

  • 7.1 Introducing VxVM

  • 7.2 VxVM Striping (RAID 0)

  • 7.3 VxVM Mirroring (RAID 1)

  • 7.4 VxVM Striping and Mirroring (RAID 0/1 and 1/0)

  • 7.5 Faster Mirror Resynchronization after a System Crash

  • 7.6 VxVM RAID 5

  • 7.7 Recovering from a Failed Disk

  • 7.8 Using Spare Disks

  • 7.9 VxVM Snapshots

  • 7.10 VxVM Rootability

  • 7.11 Other VxVM Tasks

VxVM started its life with HP-UX with VxVM version 3.0 for HP-UX 11.0. VxVM has increased its popularity with support for VxVM version 3.5 for HP-X 11i. When it first appeared on the HP-UX scene, it was greeted with a mixed reception. Some people wondered why HP was abandoning LVM in favor of a third-party product. The truth is that HP isn't abandoning LVM; it's just that ...

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