Chapter NINE. Swap and Dump Space

Chapter Syllabus

  • 9.1 Swap Space, Paging, and Virtual Memory Management

  • 9.2 How Much Swap Space Do I Need?

  • 9.3 Configuring Additional Swap Devices

  • 9.4 When Dump Space Is Used

  • 9.5 Including Page Classes in the Crashdump Configuration

  • 9.6 Configuring Additional Dump Space

  • 9.7 The savecrash Process

  • 9.8 Dump and Swap Space in the Same Volume

In Chapter 8, we looked at a major use of volumes, i.e., filesystems. In this chapter, we look at the two other main uses of disk and volumes: swap and dump space. Arguably, there is a fourth use—raw volumes—but in those scenarios the volumes are under the control of some third-party application and are, therefore, outside this discussion.

An age-old problem is how much swap space to configure. ...

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