Chapter TWELVE. HP-UX Patches

Chapter Syllabus

  • 12.1 What Is a Patch?

  • 12.2 When Should I Patch My Server(s)?

  • 12.3 Understanding the Risks Involved When Applying Patches

  • 12.4 Obtaining Patches

  • 12.5 >Patch Naming Conventions

  • 12.6 Patch Ratings

  • 12.7 The Patch shar Fileshar File

  • 12.8 Patch Attributes

  • 12.9 Setting Up a Patch Depot

  • 12.10 Installing Patches

  • 12.11 Removing Patches and Committing Patches

  • 12.12 Managing a Patch Depot

The subject of patches always raises the blood pressure of individuals. Everyone seems to assume that a patch exists only to fix a problem. We discuss what patches are, where we get them from, and the process of installing, removing, and managing patches. We see that as of HP-UX 11.0 patches have a unique identity in the context of Software ...

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