Chapter FIFTEEN. Basic IP Configuration

Chapter Syllabus

  • 15.1 Basic Networking Kernel Parameters

  • 15.2 Data-Link Level Testing

  • 15.3 Changing Your MAC Address

  • 15.4 Link Speed and Auto-Negotiation

  • 15.5 What's in an IP Address?

  • 15.6 Subnetting

  • 15.7 Static Routes

  • 15.8 The netconf File

  • 15.9 Dynamic IP Allocation: RARP and DHCP

  • 15.10 Performing a Basic Network Trace

  • 15.11 Modifying Network Parameters with ndd

  • 15.12 IP Multiplexing

  • 15.13 The 128-Bit IP Address: IPv6

  • 15.14 Automatic Port Aggregation (APA)

This chapter reviews how we configure Basic IP functionality. It contains a discussion on MAC addresses and how we associate a MAC address with an IP address: the ARP protocol as well as RARP. We also discuss the emergence of IPv6 and the implications of supporting ...

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