Chapter NINETEEN. An Introduction to sendmail

Chapter Syllabus

  • 19.1 Basic Checks to Ensure That sendmail Is Installed and Working

  • 19.2 Using sendmail without Using DNS

  • 19.3 Mail Aliases

  • 19.4 Masquerading or Site Hiding and Possible DNS Implications

  • 19.5 A Simple Mail Cluster Configuration

  • 19.6 Building Your Own File

  • 19.7 Monitoring Mail Queue

In this chapter, we introduce sendmail. The world of sendmail is vast, due primarily to the configurability of sendmail. The extent of its configurability can be demonstrated by the expanse of the documentation available for sendmail. The bible for sendmail is undoubtedly the O'Reilly and Associates book (called sendmail, funnily enough) that currently (in its 3rd edition) runs to a weighty 1,232 pages. ...

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