Chapter TWENTY SEVEN. Managing a Serviceguard Cluster

Chapter Syllabus

  • 27.1 Typical Cluster Management Tasks

  • 27.2 Adding a Node to the Cluster

  • 27.3 Adding a Node to a Package

  • 27.4 Adding a New Package to the Cluster Utilizing a Serviceguard Toolkit

  • 27.5 Modifying an Existing Package to Use EMS Resources

  • 27.6 Deleting a Package from the Cluster

  • 27.7 Deleting a Node from the Cluster

  • 27.8 Discussing the Process of Rolling Upgrades within a Cluster

  • 27.9 If It Breaks, Fix It!

  • 27.10 Installing and Using the Serviceguard Manager GUI

In this chapter, we look at key tasks when managing a cluster; we add and remove nodes from the cluster as well as add and remove packages from the cluster. An important aspect of these tasks is knowing when we can perform them without ...

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