A note on the digital index

A link in an index entry is displayed as the section title in which that entry appears. Because some sections have multiple index markers, it is not unusual for an entry to have several links to the same section. Clicking on any link will take you directly to the place in the text in which the marker appears.


a element
adding links to block-level content, Discussion
draggable support, Discussion
.aac format, Multiple audio codecs
abbr element
about, Solution, Using abbr
additional information, See Also, See Also
styling, Styling abbr
title attribute, Solution
defining, Problem
identifying to users, Problem
term definition, Styling abbr
additional information, See Also
ARIA live regions and, ProblemSee Also
associating form fields with labels, Problem
enabling fieldset element dynamically, Problem
grouping form fields logically, ProblemSee Also
identifying abbreviations, Problem
identifying acronyms, Problem
identifying required form fields, ProblemSee Also
identifying sections of web content, ProblemSee Also
multimedia, Accessible alternatives, See Also
navigation links and, ProblemSee Also
published guidelines on, Accessibility Guidelines
purpose of, The Purpose of Accessibility
text alternatives for images, ProblemSee Also
workarounds for assistive technology bugs, See Also
Accessible Rich Internet Applications (see ARIA)
acronym element, Discussion, Discussion
defining, Problem
identifying to users, Problem
term definition, Styling abbr ...

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