Chapter 2. Hacking with Style

I remember designing websites without CSS. It was horrible—lots of tables and images and image maps. Back in the day, most sites took several minutes to load because generally they were so overladen with image hacks in an effort to achieve a decent design. Then CSS came along and it was spectacular! Suddenly the Web had standards, you could separate your functionally into your JavaScript, your markup into your HTML file, and your look and feel into your CSS file.

Just as HTML went through a decade without seeing any true updates, CSS followed nearly the same path, which is why I am so excited that the HTML5 revolution brought CSS3 along with it. This chapter focuses primarily on another spec within the HTML5 family of technologies: Cascading Style Sheets version 3.0, a.k.a. CSS3. HTML5 may bring us a whole new world of functionality, but CSS3 blows the doors open on the user experience!

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