19.2 Hyperspectral Information Compression Systems

In this section, we investigate hyperspectral information compression systems, which implement exploitation-based criteria to compress hyperspectral imagery while preserving information for data processing. In particular, we develop two types of hyperspectral exploitation-based compression systems depicted in Figure 19.2(a) and (b) and Figure 19.3 where the compression takes place in different stages sequentially.

Figure 19.2 Spectral/spatial hyperspectral compression systems with 3D compression followed by exploitation-based application.


Figure 19.3 Spectral/spatial hyperspectral compression systems with exploitation-based application followed by 3D compression.


While both systems perform dimensionality reduction by transforms (DRT) and dimensionality reduction by band selection (DRBS) in their first stage to reduce spectral dimensionality, exploitation-based application compression and 3D compression implemented in the second and subsequent stages of both systems are actually reversed. In the systems in Figure 19.2(a) and (b) a 3D compression is carried out in middle stage (second stage in Figure 19.2(a) and second and third stages in Figure 19.2(b)) prior to an exploitation-based application in the last stage (third stage in ...

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