26.5 Real Image Hyperspectral Experiments

The second data set used for experiments was the 15-panel HYDICE image shown in Figure 1.15(a). Two scenarios were conducted for experiments based on this 15-panel HYDICE scene. One was spectral discrimination among the five panel signatures, p1, p2, p3, p4, and p5. The other was to identify the 15 panels unsupervisedly using only knowledge obtained directly from the data.

Example 26.3

(spectral discrimination)

Like Example 26.1, spectral discrimination was performed by MPCM-PSSC where the number of stages required for MPCM-PSSC was calculated by (26.6) to be M = 13 and the stage levels img were obtained by (26.7). To implement MPCM-PSSC algorithm, we also needed to determine an appropriate set of stage thresholds.

Using the same way conducted in Example 26.1, the desired set of stage thresholds img were obtained in Table 26.10 by (26.12) using noise-corrupted signatures with SNR set to 30:1 as variation of signature tolerance.

Table 26.11 tabulates discrimination results obtained by MPCM-PSSC among the five panel signature vectors img in Figure 1.16.

As shown in Table 26.11, p1 and p2 were more similar each other than other three panel signature vectors ...

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