20 IBM System Storage N series Reporting with Operations Manager
Figure 2-10 Choosing the tab to get custom reports
Figure 2-11 Choosing the desired custom report
2.2.2 Creating a custom report using Web interface - scenario 1
Using the Web interface, create a new report named my-nseries-report-web that shows the
following information about system storages monitored by Operations Manager: appliance
name, model, serial number, group ID, and status. After created, run it against all systems
and for a specific group only. Also, use the export report functionality.
1. After logging on to the Operations Manager Web interface and choosing the Custom
Reports window (see “Accessing and understanding Custom Report window” on page 16
for details), perform the following tasks:
2. Fill out the fields as below:
a. Name: my-nseries-report-web.
b. Web Display Name: my nseries report web.
c. Description: My First Web Custom Report.
d. Base Catalog: Select Appliance.
e. Display Tab: Select Appliances.
Chapter 2. Working with reports 21
3. Make sure that Appliance is selected in the Related Catalogs field. It may be the only
4. Based on the following lists, choose the following fields in the Choose from available fields
form. For each field, fill in the appropriate name in the Enter field name field and click Add:
a. Appliance Name: Keep default name.
b. Appliance Type: Replace name with Type.
c. Appliance Model: Replace name with Model.
d. Appliance Serial Number: Replace name with Serial Number.
e. Appliance Status: Replace name with Status.
5. If you have any doubt, refer to Figure 2-12. You can see all fields filled out there.
6. Click Create.
Figure 2-12 my-nseries-report-web creation window
7. You should receive the message shown in Figure 2-13.
Figure 2-13 my-nseries-report-web successfully creation message
22 IBM System Storage N series Reporting with Operations Manager
8. Confirm that it appears in the report list on the bottom of Custom Reports window, as in
Figure 2-14.
Figure 2-14 my-nseries-report-web successfully added to report list
9. Click the my nseries report web link in the Web Display Name column, as in Figure 2-15.
Figure 2-15 Running my nseries report web
10.The link takes you to the report view, applied to the Global group, as in Figure 2-16. Note
that the report is automatically selected in the View field.
Figure 2-16 my nseries report web visualization
Chapter 2. Working with reports 23
11.Apply the report only to ITSO Lab Group. In order to do this, click the group link on the left
side of the window, in this case the ITSO Lab, as indicated in Figure 2-17.
Figure 2-17 Applying custom report to a specific group
12.See that the report is now applied only to the group ITSO Lab. To have it exported to
spreadsheet format, click the icon indicated in Figure 2-18. After clicking it, you will be
automatically taken to an MS Excel file with the report contents.
Figure 2-18 Exporting report contents to an MS Excel file

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