Chapter 11. Audit Report facility 273
When you select option 10, a small menu appears (Figure 11-2) with the option
of invoking the audit function interactively via option 10.1. You can also submit a
batch job by choosing 10.2.
Figure 11-2 Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS Optional Functions menu
11.2 Invoking the Audit Report interactively
As indicated in Figure 11-2, select option 1 from the menu AUDIT/DEBUG. You
can access this option from anywhere in Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS by
typing =10.1 on the command/option line.
On the Audit Facility panel, you must enter either JTX or TRL:
JTX Contents of the current Job Track Logs; that is, anything
that was performed past the initial run of the current plan.
TRL Contents of the archive of the Job Track Logs (data prior
to the last current plan run).
Next, enter the name of the text you wish to search for on the search-string line.
For example, you can enter the jobname, application name, workstation name, or
274 IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS Best Practices
user ID. You can also use wildcards to perform more global searches, such as
using an asterisk (*) in various formats such as:
Using these wildcard examples provides either general or vast amounts of
information. In most cases, it is best to be more specific unless you are unsure of
the actual application name, jobname, username, or other criterion.
You can also narrow your search by entering the start date and time that you
wish to start from, and then enter the end date and time of the search. This is
optional and you can leave the date/time blank, but it is good practice to use the
date/time to limit the size of the report and the processing time.
The Audit Report shows:
The actual start and completion or abend of an operation (including restarts).
User who made changes to an operation or application in the current plan and
the Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS database.
How did the operation actually complete or abend?
A reason for the rerun if it was coded while performing the Restart and
Any JCL changes that were made during the Restart and Cleanup.

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