Appendix A. iMovie 6, Menu by Menu

As you’ve certainly noticed by now, iMovie doesn’t look like a standard Mac program. Part of its radical charm is that almost all of its functions are represented visually on screen. There simply aren’t many menu commands. But don’t get complacent: You’ll miss some great features if you don’t venture to the top of the screen much. Here’s a rundown of the commands in iMovie’s menus:

iMovie Menu

In Mac OS X, the first menu after the iMovie Menu menu is named for the program you’re using—in this case, iMovie.

About iMovie HD

This command opens the “About” box containing the requisite Apple legal information. There’s really only one good reason to open the About iMovie window: It’s the easiest way to find out exactly which version of iMovie you have.

iMovie HD Hot Tips

Each of the i-programs these days offers a Hot Tips command, which takes you online to Apple’s Web page for a crash course in the latest new features. In iMovie’s case, this page covers Playhead snapping, the Ken Burns effect, and so on.


Opens the Preferences window (Figure A-1), which, in iMovie 6, has been split into three panels, each marked by an icon at the top. (Keyboard shortcut: ⌘-comma.) Here’s a tour.


  • Beep when finished exporting. The idea here is that exporting (Chapter 12) can take a long time. Thanks to Mac OS X’s multitasking abilities, you can switch into some other ...

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