Appendix B: SDTM Metadata

Appendix B.1 - Table of Contents Metadata

Appendix B.2 - Variable-Level Metadata

Appendix B.3 - Codelist Metadata

Appendix B.4 - Value-Level Metadata

Appendix B.5 - Computational Method Metadata

Appendix B.6 - Define Header Metadata

In this appendix, you can see the SDTM metadata that we used in Chapters 2 and 3. There are six tabs in the SDTM metadata spreadsheet. Those tabs are shown here. If you go to the author page for this book, you will find this metadata stored in SDTM_METADATA.xlsx. See

Appendix B.1 - Table of Contents Metadata


Appendix B.2 - Variable-Level Metadata ...

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