Chapter 7: Implementing ADaM

ADaM Tools

ISO 8601 Date and DateTime Conversions

Merging In Supplemental Qualifiers

ADSL – The Subject-Level Dataset

The ADaM Basic Data Structure (BDS)

ADAE – Adverse Event Analysis Datasets

ADTTE – The Time-to-Event Analysis Dataset

Chapter Summary

When your SDTM implementation has been mapped out, your SDTM datasets constructed, and your ADaM metadata is in place, you are ready to start producing your ADaM datasets. In this chapter, we demonstrate an ADaM implementation using an approach similar to the one we used to demonstrate the SDTM conversions in Chapter 3. We produce four ADaM datasets: ADSL, the subject-level dataset; ADEF, a BDS-structured dataset of the pain efficacy data; ADAE, an analysis dataset of ...

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