Chapter 5

Applying Inbound Solutions: Executing Your Plan

In This Chapter

arrow Developing a timeline for your inbound plan

arrow Deciding who should do your inbound work

arrow Delegating inbound marketing initiatives

arrow Determining whether or not to outsource

arrow Establishing and measuring milestones

The third inbound marketing step is applying your tactical inbound solutions. This follows the diagnosis you made in Chapter 3 and the strategic inbound plan you developed in Chapter 4. In this chapter, I cover the basics of applied solutions. You learn about developing a timeline, delegating your inbound initiatives, and establishing a method for choosing the most impactful inbound marketing applications.

I also introduce an important concept, the Shared Strategic Blueprint (SSB). SSBs are mini-marketing plans that break down a long-term strategy into pieces, usually into pieces that cover short, three-month periods. Implementing SSBs means you get better feedback and you’ll get it more quickly. SSBs help you ...

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