33Comparison of WirelessHART and ISA100.11a for Wireless Instrumentation

Stig Petersen


Simon Carlsen

Statoil ASA

  1. 33.1 Introduction

  2. 33.2 System Overview

  3. 33.3 Communication Protocols

    1. Physical Layer

    2. Data Link Layer

    3. Network Layer

    4. Transport Layer

    5. Application Layer

  4. 33.4 Main Differences

    1. Flexibility

    2. Protocol Support

    3. Coexistence

    4. Security

    5. Quality of Service

    6. Application Potential

  5. 33.5 Conclusion

  6. References

33.1 Introduction

Wireless instrumentation, defined as the merger of wireless sensor network (WSN) technologies and industrial process automation systems, has become increasingly popular in the process industries in recent years. WSN, the foundation for wireless instrumentation, is a rather new technology, with its origins tracing back ...

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