Michael Paulitsch

Airbus Group Innovations

Kevin R. Driscoll

Honeywell International Inc.

  1. 48.1 SAFEbus

    1. Background

  2. 48.2 Protocol Overview

  3. 48.3 Protocol Services

    1. Communication Services

    2. Clock Synchronization

    3. Restart, Reintegration, Integration

    4. Diagnostic Services

    5. Fault Isolation

    6. Configuration Services

    7. Protocol Parameterization

  4. 48.4 Communication Interface

  5. 48.5 Validation and Verification Efforts

  6. 48.6 SAFEbus in Boeing 777

  7. References

48.1 SAFEbus

SAFEbus* is the only backplane or local area network standard (ARINC 659) [1] that provides fail-op/fail-safe fault tolerance with near-unity coverage for all of its components—signal lines, terminations, interface electronics, clock sources, and power supplies. This coverage includes tolerating ...

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