55State of the Art in Smart Homes and Buildings

Wolfgang Kastner

Vienna University of Technology

Lukas Krammer

Vienna University of Technology

Andreas Fernbach

Vienna University of Technology

  1. 55.1 Introduction

  2. 55.2 Functional Model and Reference Architectures

    1. Automation Hierarchy

    2. Two-Tier Architecture

    3. Bridging the Networks

  3. 55.3 Building Automation Technologies

    1. KNX

    2. LonWorks

    3. BACnet

    4. Modbus

    5. ZigBee

    6. Trade-Specific Technologies in Building Automation

    7. Home Automation Systems

  4. 55.4 Integration

    1. OPC

    2. BACnet/WS

    3. oBIX

    4. DPWS

  5. 55.5 Conclusion

  6. References

55.1 Introduction

Building automation systems (BASs) are historically grown systems. The core domains of BAS are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting and shading applications. ...

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