SM Traps

For a description of traps, refer to “Traps” on page 790. This section defines the traps that may be returned to the SM by a device's SMA.

When a SubnTrap(Notice) is sent to the SM by a device's SMA, the Notice attribute delivered in the packet has the format defined in Table 28-9 on page 798. The following information is delivered in the Notice's various elements:

  • The IsGeneric flag = 1, indicating that this is not a vendor-specific event.

  • The Type element indicates that this is Subnet Management trap.

  • The NodeType element identifies the device type.

  • The TrapNumber element identifies the type of event that occurred.

  • The IssuerLID element identifies the port address of the port that sent the trap.

  • The DataDetails element contains the event ...

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