BM Attributes

The BM attributes are listed and described in Table 34-5 on this page.

Table 34-5. BM Attributes
AttributeAttribute IDAttribute ModifierDescription
SetModule Attention002Ah00000000h=Request 00000001h=ResponseThe SetModuleAttention command provides access to the Attention LED and allows initiation of the Identify function.
ClassPortInfo0001h00000000hGeneral and port-specific information for the BM class. See Table 28-7 on page 794. The following class-specific CapabilityMask bits are defined:
  • Bit 8 = IsIBMLSupported. If = 1, direct Access to IB-ML is supported.

  • Bit 9 = IsBKeyNVRAM. If = 1, B_Key is in NVRAM.

Notice0002h00000000hDevice BMA delivers event notifications to the BM in BMTrap(Notice) MADs. See Table 28-9 on page 798 and “

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