BM-related Traps

The Notice attribute format is defined in Table 28-9 on page 798. Two types of BMTrap(Notice) can be generated by a device's BMA:

  • The BKeyViolation trap is a Security type trap. It is trap number 259 and has the following format (Table 34-7 on this page defines the content of trap 259's DataDetails field):

    Bad B_Key, <B_Key> from <LIDADDR>/<GIDADDR>/<QP> attempted <METHOD> with <ATTRIBUTEID> and <ATTRIBUTEMODIFIER>.

  • Various types of BMTraps are reported as trap number 260. The specific reason for the trap is indicated in the Notice's DataDetails field. The next edition of the book will provide a detailed description of these traps.

Table 34-7. Trap 259 Data Details
FieldLength (bits)Description
LIDADDR16LID of the port that sent ...

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