DM Attributes


Table 37-3 on page 1121 lists the DM class attributes. Also see Table 37-4 on page 1125.

Table 37-3. Device Management Attributes
AttributeIDAttribute ModifierDescription
ClassPortInfo0001h00000000hSee Table 28-7 on page 794. There are no class-specific CapabilityMask bits defined.
Notice0002h00000000h–FFFFFFFFDM-related event notifications are logged in the Notice attribute and, if traps have been enabled by the DM, an event notification is automatically sent to the DM when a DM-related event occurs within the IOU. The event is delivered to the DM in a DevMgtTrap(Notice). See Table 28-9 on page 798 and “Notice Attribute” on page 1125.
IOUnitInfo0010h00000000hRead-only. List of all IOCs present in a given IOU. Each IOU may support ...

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