Installing and using Hibernate OGM

I know it's quite ambitious to provide a set of tools that can match each individual's needs, so we will focus on a simple reference case study, which will help us to demonstrate the basic steps of how Java developers start using Hibernate OGM. So, for this tutorial, we will need the following tools:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) Version 1.6 or later
  • Apache Maven 3.x
  • An IDE such as Eclipse Kepler or JUNO along with JBoss AS tools, IntelliJ IDEA 14.*, or Netbeans 7.2.* or 7.3
  • JBoss AS 7
  • JBoss JTA 4.16.4 Final
  • Hibernate OGM 4.1.2.Final

In order to install Hibernate OGM, you need to download the latest release from the Hibernate OGM website. At the time of writing, the last distribution was 4.1.2.Final. The easiest way to ...

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