Infinite Vision

Book description

When a crippling disease shattered his lifelong ambition, Dr. V (Venkataswamy) chose an impossible new dream: to cure the world of blindness. The tiny clinic he founded in India defied conventional business logic and is now the largest provider of eye care on the planet.

At Aravind, patients choose whether to pay or not. Millions are treated for free, yet the organization remains stunningly self-reliant. Serving everyone from penniless farmers to the president, it delivers world-class outcomes at less than a hundredth of what similar services cost in advanced nations. Its model is emulated by organizations everywhere from Rwanda to San Francisco.

Infinite Vision uncovers the radical principles behind Aravind's baffling success. Charged with profound insights and stories, it draws readers to the heart of Dr. V's selfless vision, proving how choices that seem quixotic can, when executed with compassion and integrity, yield incredible results—results that can light the eyes of millions.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. The Aravind Family Tree
  7. Meet The Family
  8. Introduction: The Power and Paradox of Aravind
  9. Prologue: Climbing Everest
  10. Part I The 5-Minute, $15 Cure: On Efficiency and Compassion
    1. Chapter 1: Of Burgers and Blindness
    2. Chapter 2: When Free Is Not Enough
    3. Chapter 3: This Case Won’t Fly
  11. Part II Do The Work And Money Will Follow: On Sustainability and Selflessness
    1. Chapter 4: An Eye Doctor by Sheer Accident
    2. Chapter 5: Get Less, Do More
    3. Chapter 6: The Power of Creative Constraints
    4. Chapter 7: You Don’t Find People, You Build Them
    5. Chapter 8: The Question of the Greedy Doctor
  12. Part III A Vast Surrender: On Innovation and Inner Transformation
    1. Chapter 9: Humankind Is a Work in Progress
    2. Chapter 10: Dr. V’s Practice of Perfect Vision
    3. Chapter 11: Manufacturing a Revolution
    4. Chapter 12: Maximize Service, Not Profit
    5. Chapter 13: The Flip Side of a Visionary
  13. Part IV Training Your Competition: On Replication and Self-Awareness
    1. Chapter 14: If We Can Do It, So Can You
    2. Chapter 15: Aravind Is Like Kilimanjaro
    3. Chapter 16: Business, Politics, and Prahalad’s Dare .
    4. Chapter 17: Aravind in America
  14. Part V How Do You Retire A Saint?: On Change and Integrity
    1. Chapter 18: Same Same but Different
    2. Chapter 19: All Will Pass from the Earth
    3. Chapter 20: The Bottom Is Moving Up
    4. Chapter 21: A Place to Practice Truth
  15. Epilogue: Death’s Question
  16. Resources
  17. Notes
  18. Acknowledgments
  19. Name Index.
  20. About The Authors
  21. Connecting To Aravind’s Work

Product information

  • Title: Infinite Vision
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2011
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781605099804