Information storage is a central pillar of information technology. A large amount of digital information is created every moment by individuals and organizations. This information needs to be stored, protected, optimized, and managed in classic, virtualized, and rapidly evolving cloud environments.

Not long ago, information storage was seen as only a bunch of disks or tapes attached to the back of the computer to store data. Even today, primarily those in the storage industry understand the critical role that information storage technology plays in the availability, performance, integration, and optimization of the entire IT infrastructure. During the last decade, information storage has developed into a highly sophisticated technology, providing a variety of solutions for storing, managing, connecting, protecting, securing, sharing, and optimizing digital information.

The wide adoption of virtualization, emergence of cloud computing, multifold increase in the volume of data year over year and various types and sources of data — all these factors make modern storage technologies more important and relevant for the success of business and other organizations. More than ever, IT managers are challenged with employing and developing highly skilled technical professionals with storage technology expertise across the classic, virtualized, and cloud environments.

Many leading universities and colleges now include storage technology courses in their regular computer technology ...

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