Part I

Maximizing the Value of Data and Information Technology

Chapter 1

A Look Toward the Future of Information Technology

Quick Look

Case 1, Opening Case: Need Start-up Cash? Try Crowdfunding at

1.1 IT and Management Opportunities and Challenges

1.2 Top Management Concerns and the Most Influential ITs

1.3 IT Agility, Consumerization, and Competitive Advantage

1.4 Strategic Planning and Competitive Models

1.5 Why IT Is Important to Your Career, and IT Careers

Key Terms

Chapter 1 Link Library

Evaluate and Expand Your Learning

  • IT and Data Management Decisions
  • Questions for Discussion & Review
  • Online Activities
  • Collaborative Work

Case 2, Business Case: Building a Sustainable Big City with a Competitive Edge

Case 3, Video Case, Public Sector: ACCESS NYC—IT Strategy and Transformation

Data Analysis & Decision Making: Online Interactive Demo: Estimating Cost-Savings from Switching to the Cloud


Learning Outcomes

images Describe IT and management issues, opportunities, and challenges.

images Identify management's top concerns and the most influential ITs.

images Assess the role of IT agility, IT consumerization, and changes in competitive advantage in the second part of the Information ...

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