Chapter 14

IT Ethics and Responsible Conduct

Quick Look

Case 1, Opening Case: Recognizing Corporate Social Media Discrimination

14.1 Can IT Cut its Global Carbon Footprint? Can Users?

14.2 Responsible Conduct

14.3 Connectivity Overload and a Culture of Distraction

14.4 On the Verge of a New Tech Revolution

Key Terms

Chapter 14 Link Library

Evaluate and Expand Your Learning

  • IT and Data Management Decisions
  • Questions for Discussion & Review
  • Online Activities
  • Collaborative Work

Case 2, Business Case: Target's Big Data Analytics Know Too Much

Case 3, Video Case: Backlash against Google Street View

Simulation: Global Warming Calculator


Learning Outcomes

images Explain how the IT industry and users can reduce carbon emissions and global warming that harm the earth's ecosystem by implementing green business practices that conserve natural resources.

images Debate the tradeoffs between conveniences and competitive advantages that IT offers and responsible conduct.

images Describe the impacts of constant connectivity and distractions on quality of life, business, safety, and interpersonal relationships.

Describe the IT-business trends for the next three to five years.

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