Five Key Principles: Self-Diagnostic and Corporate Performance Management Roadmap
Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
By now you may be wondering, where do I start? How do I assist my organization to build momentum for our Five Key Principles journey? As a key first step, this chapter provides you with two diagnostic tools to conduct a self-assessment and baseline where you are in your corporate performance management (CPM) process and best practice journey. These two diagnostics are based on the award-winning case organizations.

CPM Core Process Blueprint (Diagnostic 1)

Careful research of the cases in this book reveals they follow a discernible set of core CPM processes organized within the Five Key Principles. These CPM processes were shown in Exhibit 3.1 to provide strategic context and a working framework to assist you in your organization.
How do you get started? A client, with the pseudonym New Co, is shown next. The pre-engagement scores are shown in the first column using a simple five-point scale with 1 being a low rating and 5 a best practice rating for Principle 1. This company just adopted the Five Key Principles as their management framework and has started to focus on building out their CPM office (Principle 1). The following sections outline their self-assessment.
Executive Sponsorship Process. The CEO is very supportive and is sponsoring this newly formed function, so we have rated it a 5 on the five-point scale. The CEO ...

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