Chapter 11

Challenges and Proposals for Software Development Pooling in Geomatics

This chapter aims to draw up a list of the various issues specific to resource pooling in geomatics and to suggest a few ideas to solve them. We use the term “pooling” to refer to any grouping of resources that allows us to lower development costs and improve scientific progress. During the design and development activities that we have presented, there are various types of resources which can be pooled: the abstract models and the corresponding expertise, and the implementation models and the corresponding components. This chapter is divided into two parts: the first dealing with the requirements and challenges and the second with the suggestions of solution.

11.1. Requirements and challenges

In this section we will describe the main requirements of pooling and analyze the obstacles to it, first in terms of function and component implementation, then in terms of abstract models.

11.1.1. Pooling function implementations

A first requirement is to pool function implementations. This requirement creates the classical challenges of interoperability. Some have already been solved because of the progress in modular architecture and norms facilitating interoperability in the field of geographical information, which we will summarize in section Challenges remain and will be detailed in sections and Reusing functions implemented in geomatics

Manipulating geographical ...

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