Chapter 7. SQLite Internals on Symbian


Great oaks from little acorns grow.

 --14th century proverb

Chapters 5 and 6 presented a thorough overview of Symbian SQL and its core APIs. However, in order to fully understand the internal operation of Symbian SQL, it is essential to go a step deeper and examine the internals of the SQLite library. After all, the SQLite library is the engine around which the Symbian SQL architecture is built and through which all database operations are ultimately executed. The SQLite library drives the low-level file operations that create, open, delete, read from and write to database files.

The architecture of the SQLite library is explained in detail in this chapter. Section 7.1 highlights the features of the library that make it suitable for the Symbian platform. Section 7.2 gives a detailed examination of the library's core architecture and Section 7.3 discusses the configuration options that are available to users of the library. Section 7.4 then examines the various optimizations that have been applied to the SQLite library and used by Symbian SQL in order to maximize its performance on the Symbian platform. Many of these optimizations have been championed by Symbian in cooperation with the authors of SQLite ( The chapter concludes with a brief discussion on the future of SQLite, in Section 7.5.

An in-depth knowledge of SQLite will ensure that you are well prepared when it comes to customizing Symbian SQL to suit your ...

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