Creating a Custom Binderized HAL

In Chapter 10, we introduced Project Treble, or the new binderized HAL architecture rolled out with Android 8.0. The new binderized HAL, or HIDL, is required for all devices running Android 8.0 and newer. Now it is time to apply the HIDL concepts on a custom platform, making it clear how a new HIDL-based HAL can be created and utilized.

This chapter demonstrates replacing the legacy HAL for Acme’s custom proximity device, making it HIDL based. We’ll see how the system can be customized to pick up new, custom hardware for unique devices like those used in the IoT space.

Acme Custom HIDL

As mentioned in Chapter 10, vendors are free to define their own HIDLs as well as vendor-specific customizations of AOSP/Google-defined ...

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