The PowerPC 603 and 603e

While one team was putting the finishing touches on the 601, another team at IBM’s Sommerset Design Center in Austin had already begun working on the 601’s successor—the 603. The 603 was a significantly different design than the 601, so it was less of an evolutionary shift than it was a completely different processor. Table 6-2 summarizes the features of the PowerPC 603 and 603e.

Table 6-2. Features of the PowerPC 603 and 603e


PowerPC 603 Vitals

PowerPC 603e Vitals

Introduction Date

May 1, 1995

October 16, 1995


0.50 micron

0.50 micron

Transistor Count

1.6 million

2.6 million

Die Size

81 mm2

98 mm2

Clock Speed at Introduction

75 MHz

100 MHz

L1 Cache Size

16KB split L1

32KB split L1

First Appeared In

Macintosh Performa 5200CD

Macintosh ...

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