The PowerPC 750 (aka the G3)

The PowerPC 750—known to Apple users as the G3—is a design based heavily on the 603/603e. Its four-stage pipeline is the same as that of the 603/603e, and many of the features of its front end and back end will be familiar to you from our discussion of the older processor. Nonetheless, the 750 sports a few very powerful improvements over the 603e that make it faster than even the 604e, as you can see in Table 6-4.

Table 6-4. Features of the PowerPC 750

Introduction Date

September 1997


0.25 micron

Transistor Count

6.35 million

Die Size

67 mm2

Clock Speed at Introduction

200-300 MHz

Cache Sizes

64KB split L1, 1MB L2

First Appeared In

Power Macintosh G3

The 750’s significant improvement in performance over the 603/603e is the ...

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