The PowerPC 7400 (aka the G4)

The Motorola MPC7400 (aka the G4) was designed as a media processing powerhouse for desktops and portables. Apple Computer used the 7400 as the CPU in the first version of their G4 workstation line, and this processor was later replaced by a lower-power version—the 7410—before the 7450 (aka the G4+ or G4e) was introduced. Today, the successors to the 7400/7410 have seen widespread use as embedded processors, which means that they’re used in routers and other non-PC devices that need a microprocessor with low power consumption and strong DSP capabilities. Table 6-5 lists the features of the PowerPC 7400.

Table 6-5. Features of the PowerPC 7400

Introduction Date

September 1999


0.20 micron

Transistor Count

10.5 million ...

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